I love technology. In fact I'm a bit of a geek. I love facebook, my websites, my iphone, ipad, imini, and using my computer. That being said, my daughter loves technology too, but not because she has had to embrace it, but because she hasn't known a universe without it. Remember I was the generation that took the green land line phone with the curly cord and extended around the staircase so I could sit on the basement staircase in what I considered relative privacy. My parents had the latest 8 tracks in the car, and I had a groovy selection of records. I remember when we got ATARI, Lord at least that was in some color.

But love it or hate it, technology and the fast pace world that it exposes us to is here to stay. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite websites, apps, and software that I use for my creative cycle.

Iphone/Ipad Apps:

audio memo - to record song bits in a pinch

Facebook - indespensible tool to keep in touch with your circle of friends, and to find out what is going on.

Google - Can't live without it.

Music - Of course

Virtuoso - Piano app. Can't rehearse without it, especially in harmony

Real Piano - Also a piano app but I can transpose this one

Pitch Changer -  Change the pitch of back tracks into a different key

Gig Baby - a four track recording app that saves my life, great for songwriting ideas, and to check if harmony really does work

Metronome- everyone needs one

Drop Box - a great sharing document tool for sheet music, business plans, gig lists, song lyrics

Warm me up - a vocal warmup toolkit



www.google.com (especially google docs) a document sharing tool




Sound forge Audio


music note player

Check out these technology ideas and let me know what works for you!!







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