Our feature on "Why we love Jasper" from Telus Optiks television”

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The Canadian Tourism Awards, presented by the Toronto Star & WestJet, and hosted by Ottawa Tourism, are the standard of excellence for the nation's travel and tourism industry, showcasing our country's best tourism products, services and experiences. They honour the people, places, organizations and events that have gone above and beyond to offer travellers superior tourism experiences in Canada.   Warrior Women is honoured to be chosen as a finalist for the 2019 awards!”

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

My wife (Marsha) and I enjoyed talking with you on the morning of July 2 at the Jasper train depot before boarding the Rocky Mountaineer. We returned home yesterday and I looked up the web address you provided and wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed what you showed us. Thank you for being part of our vacation and teaching us a little about the Cree Nation.   ” - Jim Drewett from Texas
This was an amazing experience that I hope everyone takes the time to have. Matricia is so passionate and knowledgeable that it’s infectious. To be able to ask questions, get answers and be apart of something so important and profound is so humbling. I appreciate you.” - Rachel
This experience was wonderful. Matricia is happy to share her Cree culture to help us understand and appreciate it. Matricia is so friendly, helpful and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much Matricia for opening my heart and understanding with your knowledge. Carmel Australia” - Carmel from Australia
This was our first airbnb experience and what an amazing one! Matricia had a very warm and welcoming energy and a wealth of knowledge that she had a passion for sharing. She taught us so much about the cree and indigenous cultures and experience. It was a very unique opportunity that we are very grateful to have had. We're happy to know there are opportunities like this for education and movement towards reconciliation ❤ We highly recommend the experience for both Canadians and tourists!” - Rebecca
You, my friend, did an incredible job at ILEA today!! Not only did you provide the answers in a meaningful, well thought-out, impactful and educational way, you did it in a way that empowers us with education and confidence to be a part of the change and to end up on the right side of History. You were able to have the conversation in a way that removed the barriers and allowed for really healthy discussion. What an asset you are to Canada, you are absolutely the best person for your position. Thank you for coming today and for being the pebble for so many Ripple effects to come. It was really nice meeting you from Banff ♡ wishing the best for you and all thats to come. Also, I am having a plaque made that will be fixed to my house right outside the door, it will serve as our family "treaty" and welcome to all visitors. I will explain that this is a house of Peace, understanding, Goodwill and respect. That in this house we take care of each other.”

— Sugar plum events- Indigenous Awareness Training review