Bag Lady Bags - custom made, hide, fur, paint whatever you want

Beadwork - custom work, one of a kind, you may have to stand in line... - I can bead anything! price depends on beading, design, style, colors, and size

Tell me what you want, I can do most styles

Guitar Straps

Belts, Camera Straps, Purse Straps



Breast plates - not your Kookum's breastplate! - Designed for Beautiful, Strong Women - designed to bring out the Warrior in you!

Traditional to Contemporary!



Contemporary beadwork - cuffs, collars, bracelets, necklaces earrings you name it I can bead it!




Definately NOT your sweater vests! - Hide, fringed, buckskin

Fur up for Fall - Real fur chopper & Gauntlet mitts - fox fur, rabbit fur, wolf, and beaver - moose and deer hide - beading on request

One of a kind! Custom order, or give me your old fur coats and hides!





hand made wrap around high top cree moccasins - custom made, custom ordered and shipped around the world

Deer skin, commercial side out, lace ups, brass brads attached, jingle cones added, custom beadwork in lazy stitch.

Suede side out, hand stitched, "Indian" style top, wrap around summer moccassins (size 10 - Mens)

Leather and Buckskin Dresses - Custom made sexy and you know it dresses


One of a kind Custom made Cree style moccassins - made from the tracing of your foot - treat yourself! Your feet deserve it

Moose, elk, or deer hide, custom beading, hand sewn, Indian tan on request

This beautiful pair adornes the feet of my Sister in Law, lucky girl! She was determined to get them at the silent action!


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