Warrior Women

Have you ever heard the drum beat and the call of the singers? If you have, it stays with you forever. Pow-wow drumming and singing wakes up something deep inside of us. You can hear the drum beat and suddenly you’re carried back to some ancient memory of the land, of another time, of another language which beats deeper than any words or syllables. Each voice has a place, no matter how high or low, resonant or soft, come experience the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and thus call the spirits and nations together. As with many things in the Indian culture, the drum is used to bring balance and rejuvenation to the soul through participation in dancing, singing and listening to the heartbeat.

Warrior Women is composed of Matricia Brown and Mackenzie Brown. A dynamic mother daughter duo whose haunting melodies and harmonious song writing will give you an experience of a lifetime. Warrior Women write a perform songs written in both English and their native tongue, Cree. Matricia and Mackenzie offer performances ranging from educational performances in schools with children and youth, to traditional crafting classes, to relaxing atmospheric drumming shows offered to people of all ages. Warrior Women was founded 15 years ago. Since the creation of Warrior Women, Matricia and Mackenzie have traveled around Alberta, drumming, singing and educating the population on First Nations culture, traditions and crafts. Warrior Women has performed for Canada Day celebrations in Edson, Aboriginal Day in Jasper and Edson, performed at schools in Spruce Grove, Edmonton, Jasper, Edson, Hinton and many more places. Currently the members of Warrior Women are residing in Jasper where they perform for Parks Canada as well as the Australian Pacific tour company for various tour groups at Jasper Park Lodge. Also, the sound of the drums was heard by the developers of the entertainment site . Warrior Women does anything from drum making to big powwow drum experiences and Aboriginal awareness projects. If you have ever wanted to hear the beat of the drum and connect back to First Nations roots, Warrior Women is the band for you.

Highlighted performances:

Pinegrove High school- 2008-2015

Dream Catcher Conference 2008

Alberta Provincial Teachers Conference 2009-2010

International Women Day Celebrations 2010

Dark Skies Media Event 2010-2015

Kiyawna -Capital Ex-Aboriginal Fashion Show, 2009

Dream speaker's Film Festival-Aboriginal Fashion Show 2007

Clothing Designs worn at Aboriginal People's Choice Awards, Winnipeg, 2010

Bev Facey High school- 2010

Chautauqua 2010

Canada Day Celebrations Edson 2010-2015

Alberta Annual General Meeting for the Alberta Native Friendship Centre - Entertainer/Mistress of Ceremonies 2012

Aboriginal Day Jasper and Edson 2012-2016

Holy Redeemer High school 2012

Jasper Park Lodge for the Australian Pacific tour company 2013-2016

Rotary Sundays in the Park Edson 2013-2015

Jasper Elementary school 2014-2016

Parks Canada Jasper Provincial Park 2015-2016

Pine Bungalows 2015

Garneau School 2015

Oliver School 2016

Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus- “Our Home and Native Land”- 2016

Fort Saskatchewan School 2016

Sherwood Park Wes Hosford School 2016

Big Drum educational experience

Traditional Hand drum experience

Interactive Drumming experience with a focus on educating the public about the Evolution of Aboriginal Drumming



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