Cards and Prints

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Check out Mackenzie's Red Bubble page to purchase her cards and prints online!


Kamamak Red Bubble Store

Acrylic Paintings by Mackenzie

Prints, Canvas' and Cards are available :) 

Cards are 5x7 and $5 each!
Prints are 11x14 with a white border and they are $40 each

Contact for inquiries and to order cards and prints online. Shipping fees will be extra.

Bear- Mista Muskwa

Butterfly- Kamamak

This painting is a painting I created for the youth I work with at this organization. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to Crystal Kids for purposes of cultural programming, activity programming and getting food and basic necessities to the resilient kids 
Crystal Kids: Crystal Kids is a registered Charity with Canada's Revenue Agency and operates as a youth drop-in centre that provides structured programs directed toward preventing abuse, school dissociation, criminal activity, and promoting academics, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, and creativity with Edmontons "at-risk youth".

Humming Bird- Amopewayesis                   Wolf- Mahikan

Eagle- Mikisiw                                      Big Horn Sheep- mâyatihk

Otter- Nikik                                             Orca- mistamek

Elk- Wapiti



Mitts and Mocs

Moccasins- Cree for sale! $50 for baby moccasins and $50-$300 depending on size, material, beading for adult moccasins. Made for custom order!

Contact for online inquiries, shipping not included.


Seal Skin and Moose hide moccasins

Baby and Toddler moccasins- $50












Mittens- Made for custom order! $50-$350 depending on size, caribou tufting, materials etc.

contact for inquiries and online orders. Shipping not included

Beadwork - custom work, one of a kind, you may have to stand in line...

Tell me what you want, I can do most styles

Guitar Straps

Belts, Camera Straps, Purse Straps


Our beautiful drums

Mackenzie and Mahigan




Mackenzie and Mahigan



Matricia and Okistatawan MitaHiya

One of a kind Custom made Cree style moccassins

Moose, elk, or deer hide, custom beading, hand sewn, Indian tan on request

This beautiful pair adornes the feet of my Sister in Law, lucky girl! She was determined to get them at the silent action!

Fur up for Fall - Real fur chopper & Gauntlet mitts

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One of a kind! Custom order, or give me your old fur coats and hides!




Contemporary beadwork/ "Punk style" Jewllery



Dream Catchers and Smudge Feathers

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